IUPAT District Council 78 Florida

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Union Business Notice:

All District Council offices are closed and local union meetings canceled in accordance with the Governor's Executive "Stay-at-home" order and the various stay-at-home executive orders issued by local Florida governments.

We are available by email and telephone.  Please contact your business representative directly if you have questions or concerns.

Trade Show, Local 1175 and Local 73

JC Garcia at jcgarcia@dc78.org

Painting Trades, Journey-persons, BVCC, Disney Maintenance, FSC

Jack Plettinck at jplettinck@dc78.org

South Florida Painting Commercial/Industrial/Power Plants

Rony Carballo at rcarballo@dc78.org

Glazing Statewide Journey persons

Alex Vargas at avargas@dc78.org

Glazing South Florida

Jhonny Rugama at jrugama@dc78.org

Glazing and Painting North Florida

Terrance Thompson at tthompson@dc78.org

For FTI and Apprenticeship News and Info, check the FL FTI Website at www.flfti.org

Apprenticeship Central Florida

Jessie Dziorney at JessieD@dc78.org

Apprentice South Florida

Chris Jones at cjones@dc78.org

Public Sector:

Local 2301

Richard Jones at rjones@dc78.org

Local 1010 Brevard

Delores Varney at dvarney@dc78.org

Local 1010 all other public units

Gerry Showers at gshowers@dc78.org

If you have any other questions, please email info@dc78.org