IUPAT District Council 78 Florida

The Construction Trade Union for Painters, Glaziers, Drywall Installers, Trade Show Workers, Wall and Floor Coverers.


International Union of Painters & Allied Trades AFL-CIO (IUPAT) is a Construction Trades Labor Organization that represents workers in a varity of trades.  District Council 78 (Florida) and its affiliated Local Unions are sub-divisions of the International labor movement in the United States and Canada.  Members of the IUPAT are protected by a "Collective Bargaining Agreement" (CBA) which is a type of contract between the workers and their employer.  A CBA spells out in writing wages, benefits and working conditions for workers.  This contract is negotiated between the workers' representatives and the employer's management team.

Apprenticeship Program

IUPAT District Council 78 Florida offers a 4 year certified apprenticeship program to members.  If you are interested in learning valuable trade skills through our Department of Education Certified programs in Industrial/Commercial Painting, Glazing, Trade Show or Wall Finishing, please click on the button below to learn more about apprenticeship training from the IUPAT District Council 78.